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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
Location: California (no more), in Bandung now
Birthday: 17 Nov 1982
Obsessions: having a life of peace, constant learning
Currently Reading: Bible, Le Petit Nicolas, Anna Karenina
Dreams: to have peace...and love

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Urrrrrrrrr a bit light-headed from the fMRI.... at first was excited to have my brain scanned, but turned out it's not a good idea to be scanned when you're sleepy... I couldn't response to the questions; phasing in and out of consciousness. Word of wisdom: don't eat too full before an fMRI! Dunno.... have been feeling weird since several days ago. Don't really know what's going on inside my mind, don't understand what exactly my feelings are, have no drive to go out and do stuff..... Hm cuma mungkin kemaren seneng juga waktu dapet testimonial dari Yudi. Kinda guessable though. Friendster testimonials--> show how different people see me. Is any one of them a perfect description of me? Reading them, I myself don't know which ones are the front I put up, which ones are the 'superficial' me, and which ones are ME. Like fragmented images.... do I have the string that can integrate all? Where do I stand?
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