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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
Location: California (no more), in Bandung now
Birthday: 17 Nov 1982
Obsessions: having a life of peace, constant learning
Currently Reading: Bible, Le Petit Nicolas, Anna Karenina
Dreams: to have peace...and love

Friday, April 23, 2004

Now there's another option to the now titled "walk-no walk debate". EAP. Should I? Take classes here during Fall and go to Japan or Sweden or France in Spring... hm, tempting idea... So, the question remains: should I have my commencement now, or next year? Well, everybody seems to be walking this semester, but it might be just bcoz I'm hanging around mostly around graduating seniors. And it doesn't make too much difference, only in terms of GB, coz nobody'll be walking with me in Psych commencement anyways. haih.... Current options: 1. Fall: classes, hunting for internship/jobs, networking w/ profs. Spring: extension classes, work/intern/co-op 2. Fall: idem above Spring: EAP 3. Fall: idem above Spring: go home Indo and work 4. vice versa of no.1 どうしおかな?
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