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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
Location: California (no more), in Bandung now
Birthday: 17 Nov 1982
Obsessions: having a life of peace, constant learning
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Monday, August 02, 2004
--DEWA Charity Concert in SF--

I got to The Regency Center at 8 am. Right behind me was Ranthy's car. Nobody else was there yet, and the whole place smelled like year-old musty refrigerator. Ira came in not long after and the four of us (with Jo) loitered around the place, peeking here and there and reached a consensus that the place was really "in need of several janitors". Brief pause. Since then, everything happened in a snowball simulation model. At first it rolls slowly downslope, gathering speed and momentum as it comes tumbling down, and reached the peak of the parabolic curve when flocks of people rushed to the gate holding their tickets in front of them. Whew. Me and Farrah held our fort bravely. ^_^ Rasanya agak aneh deh, abisnya gua kan ngga ngebantuin sama sekali gitu acara/dana buat konsernya. Gua jadi ngga enak sama yg laen abis kesannya gua orang yg dateng pada saat2 terakhir dan kebagian enaknya doang. Lagian, masa tampangnya Dewa aja gua ngga kenal ..'_'.. Waktu once nyamperin ke meja tiket aja gua masih rada bengong, ngga kenal dia siapa gitu...... hueee malu =p I guess I'm a pretty high-strung person under tension. I got a bit panicky, which is not good coz I tend to snap at ppl when I'm at panic mode. Hope I didn't offend anybody (crew members and/or guests). Glad that I got to watch them play ^_^ Didn't see Roland's band and only got a glimpse of the 'inul' dance, but it's alrite. I'm content enough .^_^. Elaine and the gang should've stood in front; their action's crazy enough to earn that position =p. Me and Hans just stood to the side ^_^. The ballroom wasn't even half full, but its didn't look too empty, thank goodness (although I don't know what it looked like onstage). People were too mellow, though. They're too well behaved, too civilized. I was expecting more jumping and singing and hand waving and screaming. Wonder what Dewa thought about U.S. crowd: A gang of snobbish ppl or a calm, civilized group? Also happy to get their signatures on my committee shirt. Hehehe..... gonna hang it in my room. Too bad I can't wash it first (for fear of washing away the silver marker), it's smelling like roast lamb now, after the gathering at Roland's house. Once was the nicest one, I'd say ^_^ Liked him a lot. And his voice......!!!! Ahhhh..... kleper2... Felt bad a ilttle bit coz I didn't get any souvenir for Na, Aly, Yudi, etc..... didn't even remember to ask them to sign a poster. I guess I should ask Ira or Dita if the team's gonna meet again one last time with Dewa. (By the way... I don't even know whther it's legal to talk about this in a blog..... do I sound like I'm advertising Dewa? Or slandering them? Don't wanna get sued by anybody... =p)
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