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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
Location: California (no more), in Bandung now
Birthday: 17 Nov 1982
Obsessions: having a life of peace, constant learning
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
--this will be long--

I hate Bush and his false sympathy. Have been wanting to say that since a week ago but haven't accessed anything online. As usual, internet in Indonesia is slow.... especially opening CalMail. Weird Berkeley system. He can openly denounce terrorism and its evilness, how America is a nation based on the foundation of the Church. He can brag about his faith. He can urge other nations eliminate the root of evil in Iraq for "world peace", for the sake of the well-being of all people. But when it comes to real-world situation, when people in developing countries were stricken with monstrous disaster without any multinational corporation assets to help them rebuild, what did he do? "Stayed in his ranch in Texas trimming his fence" (from an Australian newspaper). Saying nothing. Pledging a meager $35 million, when other nations have pledged aids and more than $100 million. Standing back watching until a sharp critique from the UN roused him. One word: blah. I don't want to be another critic of Bush who can only denounce. I'll admit that he might just be a pawn used by other political figures, or maybe he's just too far away to really comprehend the scale of the disaster. I'll admit this might just be my personal dislike for him. But nevertheless, I would still ask this question: how can one be so heartless? I just came back from Nias. And I don't deserve all the compliments or any expressions of awe or astonishment. We went there, but we didn't do what we expected we would do. Rasanya malu, orang2 pikir kita di sana sengsara, capek, liat mayat, menghibur orang, tidur di semak2, makan seadanya... pdhl kenyataannya beda sama sekali. Cuma... jalan jelek, ngobatin seadanya, liat lokasi, distribusi bantuan ke gereja2, tok. Udah ngga banyak yg bisa kita lakuin. Nasi sudah jadi bubur, tapi rasanya agak sia2. Pengen ngebantu orang tapi malah ngga ngapa2in. Seharusnya team survey lebih akurat, tapi memang ngga bisa menyesali yg sudah terjadi. Cuma.... merasa sayang. Hikmatnya dari ini? Kerjasama kelompok :) ketemu orang2 yg hebat, ketawa bareng2, cape bareng2... Maybe the one thing I got: I'm amazed at humans' will and spirit. It was only days after they lost their wifes, husbands, sons, daughters, babies, whole families; yet they don't show signs of despair. "Life must go on", I can read that in their eyes. How they could do it, I can only assume because they're hardened by the rough life that they lead. And I'm happy with the team :) No hierarchy, no pretense, no disproportionate workload... Plus a great cook and a great doctor-comedian ^__^ Well, that's the only things I'm grateful for. Not for the original mission expectation though. Now I'm back in Bandung. Finally. I'm surprised at myself. Biasanya tiap kali pulang ngga pernah kagok nyetir di sini, ngga pernah serem, tapi kali ini kok rada takut.... Seeing other cars and the motorcycles.... augh. Weird. After 3 years in the States, I think I only got (a little bit) Americanized during this past year at Cal. Hmm. What's the root cause?? Bandung is not so cool anymore. I wish Pemda would impose a regulation about vehicle usage. I hate the black exhaust smoke clouding Bandung streets. I really hope the KTT would reform Bandung. If nothing else, I hope pride and embarassment would return Bandung to a presentable state. 'Til later.
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