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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
Location: California (no more), in Bandung now
Birthday: 17 Nov 1982
Obsessions: having a life of peace, constant learning
Currently Reading: Bible, Le Petit Nicolas, Anna Karenina
Dreams: to have peace...and love

Thursday, April 21, 2005
--N.I.L.R.A.: random--

My laptop suddenly decided to do an auto-recovery. Two days ago I just sort of tried (without hoping too much) to turn on the thing--I left it for the restroom (I've resigned to passive acceptance, y'see, I didn't really care if it wouldn't boot), and when I came back, the laptop was sitting there smugly with brilliant colors as if nothing had ever happened. Of course I'm happy. But can somebody explain to me how that could happen? The HD had obviously crashed, data couldn't be retrieved, it was making scary buzzing sound.... and after a week it just went back to perfect health! I read an article about Google India Code Jam 2005. It was a competition for South and Southeast Asian computer geeks, basically looking for young talents who could make and break codes. The winner would get US$6900, and employment at Google, Inc. What got me excited was THIS fact: out of 50 finalists (39 from India, 8 from Singapore, 3 form Indonesia), the first winner is one "Ardian Poernomo" from NTU, S'pore. INDONESIAN! It already wow-ed me. Then I went on reading to find out that the 2nd place winner, "Pascal Alfadian", is not only Indonesian, but he's from UNPAR!!! Hahahahaha yayyyyy.... go BANDUNG!! I got really excited afterwards. Anyways, the complete article is here
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