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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
Location: California (no more), in Bandung now
Birthday: 17 Nov 1982
Obsessions: having a life of peace, constant learning
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Friday, June 03, 2005
--1 cup update, 2 tsp thoughts, 1 tbsp blabber--

Okay. The recipe is for a mixed-up, unorganized, random mosaic of memoirs and ramblings. I'll probably revert back and forth from English to Indonesian. Didn't realize that I haven't updated for more than a month. Tiga minggu ini repot bgt: bonyok dateng, terus kita cabut ke Mexico, trus begitu balik hari berikutnya commencement ceremony. Udah cape, harus ngurusin invitation for ppl, ngurusin tempat dinner yg kekecilan buat 25 org, etc etc. Yang berkesan malah bukan kelulusannya, bukan diwisudanya; tapi ngumpul2 barengnya. Besoknya ke San Jose, repaying their visit, trus masih sempet2nya ke Grat Mall buat cari jaket. Malemnya ada GB. Besoknya... cabut lagi ke Toronto. 3 nights Toronto, cab to Niagara falls with Milan (a semi-retired Croatian-Canadian who stays in Cuba for 3 months every year, smoking cigar and dancing chachacha, used to be a civil engineer who knows A LOT about Indonesian affairs), 1 night at Niagara, off to NYC. I have to say this: Hugh Panaro can have any girl he wants with THAT kind of voice. I'm so glad that my first Phantom was him. A gourmand's list of NYC (thanks to En2 and Evan): * Joe's Shanghai, Pell St., Chinatown -- best xiao long bao this side of Yangtze River * Peter Luger, Broadway Ave, Brooklyn -- the steak! the steak! although kobe beef is still, of course, the reigning king of all red meat * Serendipity 3, 60th St, bet. 2nd and 3rd -- we had to wait for one and a half hour to get in, there was no stores open to distract us while we wait, and the waiter was "picabokeun", but IT WAS WORTH EVERY WHILE. Frozen hot chocolate and sundae with hot fudge. Wah... itu yg namanya coklat... bener2 coklat. Ngga bisa lagi dideskripsikan. Di Bay Area cuma ada Ghirardelli sama Fenton's..... Tadi siang baru nganterin bonyok pulang. 有点寂寞。。。当作孩子的,要记得孝顺父母。这段时间才发现我脾气真不好。 Rasanya agak kaya anak hilang. Banyak yg harus dikerjain tapi ngga tau apa, ngga tau mulai dari mana. I felt really bad about not keeping contact with people. Carmen was (is?) here and I haven't seen her--except for that one chance meeting at Daimo. Didn't update Liz about RA positions--after all she'd done to help me, I didn't email her even once. Seeing my mum and dad, how they strike conversations with total strangers and make good friends, I was reminded of my shortcoming. Akhir2 ini byk dpt email dr tmn2. Kangen sama yg di Indo. Aly: how r u? Amir: miss you ^__^ Yudi: yup, dah lama ngga ngobrol... senasib nih, kompie lg rusak... Ilona: gimana presentation? Tengkiu kadonya T__T 二本にいる友達も、どうでした?イメールかどうかニュースを聞きたいんだよ。涼子ちゃん、恵理さん、華子さん。。。愛知にありの World Expo はどう?みんな行った事があるんですか? So far, no news from BearingPoint. Hope to hear from them soon. Don't think I can meet up with the UGBA119 girls in Europe... not enough time to make visa (yeah yeah, the curse of not being an American citizen: we need visa documentation, and sometimes they can be SUCH a pain in the ass...)
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