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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
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Birthday: 17 Nov 1982
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Friday, July 22, 2005
--keeping up with technology: yes or no--

I considered myself quite knowledgeable in the area of technology. Especially if I tag myself with the categories that I belong to: female, Indonesian (generally the two sub-species don't bother with technology). Of course, I'm being stereotypical (people tend to look favourably towards stereotypes only when it benefits them); and I didn't add my other tags: foreign-educated, intellectually curious (although lazy), financially able to afford gadgets, etc. But recently I find myself increasingly left behind in terms of up-to-dateness. I own an ipod (and I'm quite proud to say that I'm not one of the late-bloomers who adopted ipod only after Apple's stocks soared and ipod became a lifestyle), but I didn't catch up on podcasting until recently. I have a blog (not a late-bloomer but not a pioneer either), but the words "RSS" and "tags" haven't really registered an impact on my dictionary. I look at 3G phones and I'm awestruck. I was suddenly transported into a new age when I found out that the techs I picked up two years ago are now almost obsolete. I can feel now what our parents must have felt in the turn of the century, when almost entire dictionaries sprang up on technical jargon and internet replaced almost everything else. Dizzy, confused, overwhelmed.... and kinda lonely. I used to say a fervent "NO!" to computers and internet, mainly because they create whirlpools that suck up human relations and digitized conversations into mute expressions. I thought it silly and ridiculous. But then I came to the States, and found the internet indispensable. After the internet, the gadgets. Laptop, MP3 players, Broadband, Wi-Fi, satellite radio, GPS, digicam, videocam, portable media storage, MSN Messenger, MMORPG, etc. With them came the jargons. Ttyl, brb, lol, gtg, etc. Unintelligible language a few years ago, daily vocabulary today. I still find most of them annoying sometimes, as they wrench one person from another, and they confine the human being into his/her own cell. Of course, the itnernet also provide a universal bridge that connects everybody on the face of the earth, but it is limited and false. You can be anything; a farce, a comedy, a realist, a romantic, nobody would know which is the real you. Now I say a feeble "no", to ward away the negative effects of technology, but I have to admit that it IS knowledge, and as man have to know that he knows nothing, I feel compelled to learn as much as I can of this vast territory of the unknown called technology. But enough of that. I'm back at Bay Area now, still trying to accustom myself to the life here, funny how I seem to lose motivation to do anything the past three days. I had wanted to write about the novel Da Vinci Code (I even thought of a title for it: "Da Vinci Code, heretical fiction or fictional heresy?") and about my recent travel to Russia and Scandinavia, but the mood just hasn't kicked in yet. 'Til later.
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