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Name: Arlin, aka.Ogi
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Monday, August 29, 2005
--World of silence--

Autism. Recently it has caught speed with the rest of developmental disorders. A short preview: its most prevalent aspect is overtness, often accompanied with the inability to communicate (which results in sometimes violent behavior) Autistic kids are generally withdrawn and self-absorbed, caused by excessive amount of cell minicolums in the brain which put the patients in a constant state of overarousal. Just found an article at National Geographic about an autistic kid, Tito Mukhopadhyay, who compose poems in complex sentences--not only are the poems coherent, they are philosophical and intense. His mother taught him to express himself by facilitated communication, a form of therapy that basically proposes that "all children with autistic disorders, however severely learning disabled they appear to be, are potentially capable of understanding and expressing complex ideas if helped by appropriate physical guidance". It's amazing, really. It's like witnessing a sea of thoughts and an ocean of expressions being contained in a small cup. All the storms and waves can only rage inside, the wind beating uselessly against the brain barrier. Here's one of Tito's poems: In a place called Somewhere There lived happiness Somewhere was a place of Paradise But one day from Nowhere Came Sorrow to the place called Somewhere Happiness asked Sorrow to leave The place called Somewhere Sorrow went back to Nowhere And then occupied the hearts of people Who are kind and compassionate As they never refused anybody a place to stay So if you feel the pain Which a person who has lost his mind bears If your heart aches when you see a tear in someone's eyes If you are ready to accept such a person and help him You can be sure That you have sheltered sorrow in your heart. For the full article, go here.
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